Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thomas' First Week

During Thomas' first week, Brandon had the flu! We didn't want Thomas to become sick so Thomas and I stayed with our great friends, Michael and Olivia for several days.  We will always be grateful for their friendship and hospitality. They are expecting their first baby, Reid, any day.  They let Thomas try Reid's swing, pack-n-play, and changing table.  He loved Reid's swing! Olivia went with me to Thomas' first appointment with his pediatrician. She even wrote down the questions that I needed to ask him and wrote down the doctor's responses during the appointment. We arrived early for his appointment. We were very proud of ourselves! I will post pictures from his first appointment soon. We missed Brandon while he was sick. It makes me sad when I think about how Brandon was sick during the first week of Thomas' life but we did have tons of fun while we stayed with Michael and Olivia.  I hope they did too!  I think they learned a lot about newborn babies while we stayed with them.  They are going to be amazing parents! I can't wait to meet baby Reid!

Here are a few pictures of Thomas enjoying his time at Olivia and Michael's house.

I had to include a picture of Miss Ellie, one of Olivia and Michael's cute fur babies!

Keep the Faith,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Meet the newest little Chick, Thomas

Our Precious Gift from God!
Richard Thomas Chick

Our first family photo as a family of 3!

Car ride home!

In his daddy's arms!

Stay tuned for more pictures!