Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend at Possum Kingdom

The Weatherly's invited us to stay with them one weekend at Possum Kingdom in July.

chasing rabbits

Love these two pics of Brandon and Thomas

Our little boys were dance machines!

best buddies

We had the best time and Possum Kingdom is beautiful even though Brandon ended up with a big cut on his forehead, Thomas came home with a black eye, and Dustin received a phone call Sunday morning from the marine letting him know that is boat was underwater:(

Keep the faith,

Monday, September 16, 2013

Instagram pics from July


Washing toys

baseball practice

Had fun with our friends at the beach

Thomas' favorite store

We had to bring our coffee cup and Bible with us to the grocery store.

drinking 'coffee milk'

Frozen yogurt

Splashing in the puddles

Love his crazy curls

Making rainbows

His face as soon as he sees his dada pull into the driveway!


fun day with Wyatt at the zoo

my sweet boy:)

letter match-up

blowing bubbles in our pjs

T said, "Oh no, the Lorax be very sad" when he saw this tree stump. 

Working out

'I stuck!"

Wagon rides

Looking for the moon

Happy birthday messages

Keep the faith,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pops' Little Helper

Thomas was able to help Pops feed his cows in the pasture!

He was so excited! Look at that smile!

Keep the faith,