Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Full of Firsts

On May 28th Thomas had several 'firsts', and we were able to capture the moments on our camera!

First time in his Johnny Jumper.  Look how big his eyes are!
Thomas doesn't jump yet but he does know how to turn around in circles in his Johnny Jumper!

Thomas started holding his bottle for the first time.   We recently had to switch to the bigger bottles so it is harder for him to hold the bigger bottles by himself but he keeps trying! 

Thomas laughed for the first time on May 28th. We have heard little giggles for the past several weeks but this was his first 'belly' laugh! I am so thankful that Brandon was also home when Thomas laughed for the first time. 

We put Thomas' feet in the swimming pool for the first time!

 He loved staring at the water!

 This is one of my favorite pics!

Thomas' first time in his Exersaucer! He liked it for a few minutes...

and then...

he was ready to get out!

It is so exciting watching Thomas experiencing all of his 'firsts'! I just can't believe how fast he is growing!

Keep the faith,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

3 months old

Thomas, you were 3 months old on May 23rd!
(Yes, I am 1 month behind!)

You were 3 months and 2 weeks old in these pictures. You had a fever on your 3 month birthday so we spent the day cuddling and sleeping. Then we had to survive the last week of school, and we did! 

You started wearing 3-6 month clothes!

You love to talk!

You still love for us to sing to you!

You love for us to read books to you, and you love to look at the pictures!

You weighed 9 pounds 10 ounces the last time you were weighed. 

You had your first trip to the emergency room.  And hopefully you will not need to go back there!

We can not believe you are already 3 months old! We love you so much, and we don't know how we ever got by without you!

You love to play on your play mat!

You love to play with your burp clothes.  You have also started grabbing your toys (soft rattles and small stuffed animals) and putting them in your mouth!

You have started opening your mouth now when we give you kisses!

Keep the faith,

More time in Wheeler

Here are some pictures from our time in Wheeler!

Brandon's grandpa and Thomas' great grandpa planted this Pecan tree in my parent's front yard!

We think somebody is teething!

Thomas started running a fever our last day in Wheeler. Poor baby :(

Keep the faith,

Monday, June 20, 2011

Showered with Love in Wheeler

Thomas' baby shower was on Saturday, May 21st in Wheeler. Brandon and I made plans to head to Wheeler on Friday but we had to change our plans and leave Saturday morning super early. We made it to the panhandle just in time to drop off Brandon at the golf course in Shamrock, drive to Wheeler, have my mom feed Thomas, unload the car, change clothes, and head to the church for the shower. We might have been just a few minutes late!

All of the lovely hostesses, Thomas, and me
Yummy cake!

Super cute diaper cake that my neighbor Karen had made! Thanks Karen!

Super cute Memory can that my extremely talented friend, Kristen, made! Thanks Kristen!

People wrote messages on Thomas' diapers!

All of Thomas' amazing gifts!

Pics from the shower! Thanks Kristen for taking pictures!

Thomas and I had so much fun at his baby shower! Brandon and I are extremely thankful for our family and friends in the Texas panhandle! We are also extremely thankful for all the prayers from our prayer warriors in the panhandle!

Keep the faith,