Monday, June 20, 2011

Showered with Love in Wheeler

Thomas' baby shower was on Saturday, May 21st in Wheeler. Brandon and I made plans to head to Wheeler on Friday but we had to change our plans and leave Saturday morning super early. We made it to the panhandle just in time to drop off Brandon at the golf course in Shamrock, drive to Wheeler, have my mom feed Thomas, unload the car, change clothes, and head to the church for the shower. We might have been just a few minutes late!

All of the lovely hostesses, Thomas, and me
Yummy cake!

Super cute diaper cake that my neighbor Karen had made! Thanks Karen!

Super cute Memory can that my extremely talented friend, Kristen, made! Thanks Kristen!

People wrote messages on Thomas' diapers!

All of Thomas' amazing gifts!

Pics from the shower! Thanks Kristen for taking pictures!

Thomas and I had so much fun at his baby shower! Brandon and I are extremely thankful for our family and friends in the Texas panhandle! We are also extremely thankful for all the prayers from our prayer warriors in the panhandle!

Keep the faith,

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