Thursday, March 29, 2012

Instagram pics


Evening stroll
Thomas and his shadow

Bath time fun

Brushing my teeth
I love those big brown eyes!
Thomas finally likes his sippy cups!

That is a big bear!

He didn't like it when we stopped pushing his
So sweet!

Eating yogurt on the porch!

Thomas and Woody!

Finger painting

Gymboree fun!

Day at the park

Someone needs a haircut!

Keep the faith,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thomas' One Year Photos!

One of my favorites!

Another favorite! I just love how he is kicking his legs in this picture!

This was the first time he tried cake, and he didn't like it. I had to put frosting on face!
He had some cake on his birthday, and he liked it better the second time!

I love all of these photos!! Thank you so much Desiree at Double Take Photography!

Keep the faith,

Thomas practicing sign language!

Keep the faith,


Keep the faith,

Brown Bear Brown Bear

Brandon recently bought Thomas a huge stuffed brown bear. Thomas was hugging it one evening, and Brandon and I started singing "Brown Bear" (We sing this song at story time at the library every week). Then Thomas walked over to his books and found his Brown Bear book! Brandon and I couldn't believe it! We thought it was so exciting! Thomas amazes us every day!

Keep the faith,

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Date Night

A few weekends ago Brandon and I had the opportunity to attend the K101 NFL Awards in Kansas City. 
Brandon had to rent a tuxedo, and I needed to wear a nice dress and high heels! Brandon hasn't rented a tux since he went to prom, and I haven't worn high heels in over a year. 
We had a great time and were surrounded by great company. 

Brandon and me

Me and Kim

Roger Staubach receiving his award.

Brandon and Christian Okoye (He used to play for the Chiefs.)

Brandon and Jim Harbaugh (He was the NFC Coach of the year for the 49ers).

Roger The Dodger, Kim, and Brent

Jared Allen and Brandon
Jared was the NFC Defensive Player of the year. He plays for the Vikings. 
Brandon talked to him about hunting instead of football after the awards!

The KC Chiefs' Coach and Brandon

Brandon definitely had a GREAT time!
I had a great time even though I didn't even of the football players or coaches except for Roger Staubach (and he is retired)! 
I told Brandon that if there is ever an award show for people that have been on the Bachelor in Kansas City, then he would have to take me! Hahaha!

Monday, March 12, 2012

12 Months!!!

Thomas, you are 1 year old!
You celebrated your 12 month-day on February 23rd!
This has past year flew by, and we can't believe you are 12 months old!
We love you so much baby boy!

You weigh 19 pounds & 5 oz (20th percentile) and you are 30 1/4 inches (50th percentile).
You are wearing some 9 month, 6-12 month, and 12 month clothing. 
You have 3-4 bottles during the day and 2-3 meals a day. You are a very picky eater right now. You still want to eat only crunchy food (crackers, puffs, lil crunchies, goldfish, apples). 
You take 1 long nap during the day and sleep through the night the majority of the time.

Developmentally: You have 4 teeth. You are walking the majority of the time!   You will say dada and bye-bye. You will sign 'more', 'milk', and 'dog'. You will take a few drinks from a sippy cup! You learned to give high fives!

Three words to describe your personality this month (same as last month): playful, determined, fearless (you are not afraid of anything!).

Favorite things: You LOVE to WRESTLE. You love your blankets, music, clapping your hands, climbing on anything, walking, and playing with your truck! You still love music! Your favorite songs are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Patty Cake, and Wheels on the Bus. You love to play peek-a-boo with your blankets!

Firsts: celebrated your 1st birthday with your mommy and daddy
(You were sick on your birthday so we postponed your birthday party.)
We went on a road trip to Texas to stay with Olivia and Reid!

Dislikes: Mondays (you go through daddy withdrawals), you become upset when your daddy puts you down after he holds you.


"No more monthly stickers for me, mom!"

Happy 12 months baby boy! 
We are so thankful to be your parents!!!

Keep the faith,