Saturday, April 30, 2011

Best Buddies Hanging out in their Boppies

 Thomas had his first play date with Wyatt!

 Thomas had his first play date with Wyatt in April. Thomas and Wyatt are only one day apart! I will never forget following all the updates about Taylor (Wyatt's momma) when she went into labor on facebook. I still can't believe that when I called to check on her on Friday evening on February 25th, I also told her that Brandon and I were meeting & bringing home our baby boy the next day (February 26th)!

Thomas and I stayed with Dustin, Taylor, and their boys for one night while Brandon was out of town. I also took Max and Molly with me.  I made it to Taylor's home without getting lost. I was so proud of myself! Taylor and I felt very overwhelmed with our two baby boys that were around 5 weeks old and four dogs but we had tons of fun! All four of the dogs were able to get along with each other. Max was a little crazy (somethings never change). He ran around all over her house! While I was unloading the car, Max ran out the front door and down the street for about 300 yards!  I didn't know if he would ever stop running.  I finally caught him, walked back to Taylor's house, and put him in time out!! 

Taylor and I took our babies to Joe T Garcias for lunch and went shopping that afternoon. On our way home, we stopped by J Rae's bakery for some cupcakes, and they were delicious!!!!  (I am craving their cupcakes right now as I am typing this post). 

Hanging out at Joe T Garcias!
This was a first for Thomas and I!
Shopping at Lonestar Baby!
They let us borrow a double stroller while we were shopping because Taylor and I both
forgot our strollers!

We spent the evening hanging out with Dustin, Taylor, and their boys, and Dustin cooked a great dinner. Then Taylor and I enjoyed our cupcakes for dessert!

Thomas and I (Max & Molly too) had so much fun spending time with Taylor, Dustin, and their boys!

Keep the Faith,

Monday, April 25, 2011

National Infertility Awareness Week

April 24th-30th is National Infertility Awareness week. 

Brandon and I have struggled with infertility for 3 1/2 years.  We have completed 3 IUIs, 3 IVFs, and 2 surgeries.  The 3 IUIs were unsuccessful. Two of the IVFs were successful but resulted in miscarriages. After the 3rd round of IVF, Brandon and I decided to begin the adoption process while completing fertility treatments.  We completed our home study for the adoption process in October, and now 6 months later, we have a beautiful, healthy baby boy and we can't imagine our lives without him. 

I will never forget our struggle with infertility and the impact it had on my life.  While struggling with infertility, I can not tell you how many nights I cried and felt extremely sadness. Several mornings it took all I had to get myself out of bed and go to work but I did it. I had amazing friends that always listened to me anytime I need to talk to someone. 

We received several blessings while we struggled with infertility.  Struggling with infertility brought Brandon and I closer together, and our marriage was strengthened. We knew we had to be there for each other and depend on each other to beat our infertility. Brandon and I learned how to support each other while we were both struggling. Three words helped us during our struggle: faith, hope, and patience. We learned to laugh and find humor in every opportunity available. We learned to be thankful for every little blessing (our doctor, nurses, opportunity to do a treatment, opportunity to pay for treatments, opportunity to start adoption process, etc.). I now have some amazing new friendships that were started because of our infertility struggles. These friends  will always have a special place in my heart. Some of the them are now moms or pregnant (Praise God!). 

Most of all, we now have our precious baby boy because of our struggle with infertility. 
Praise God!

I read this on someone's blog this summer (I don't know who said it though): "God paints on a canvas bigger than we can see. While it might look one way in the place we are and the small piece of canvas we can see, God can see the entire picture he is painting and it is something beautiful."  

Keep the faith,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Small Town Love

I love that I grew up in a small town!  I think people take care of each other in small towns.

Check out all of the amazing gifts Thomas received while we were in Wheeler, and he didn't even have a shower. 

Keep the faith,

Thomas' First Time to go to Church

We took Thomas to church for the first time while we were in Wheeler.
You went to church for the first time in Wheeler at the First United Methodist Church. This is the church that your daddy and mommy grew up attending. 

Keep the faith,

Your first play date with Maddox!

While we were in Wheeler, Thomas had his first play date with Maddox!

I think the two of you will be great buddies!

Lunch date at Maxey's

Meredith and Jason

Maddox needed to take a little nap while we were at Maxey's!

So did Thomas!

Maddox liked your pacifier holder!

So cute!!!

She finally was able to get your pacifier holder.  You started to cry, and then Maddox started to cry. 

I love both of these babies so much!

Another date at Maxey's for dinner. 

Keep the faith,

Thomas' First Trip to Wheeler!

Thomas loved his first road trip to Wheeler!
We took Thomas to Wheeler for a weekend in April (April 1st-4th). You slept the almost the entire way there and the way back home.  We just had to stop once on the way there and on the way back to feed you and change your diaper.  Mommy had a few mommy brain moments. I spilt a bottle of formula all over daddy's shorts and driver's seat while I was making your bottle using one arm. I will not do that again in the car. We were able to clean up the mess once we got to Wheeler. Then on the way back, Mommy hit a large rock or small boulder in a parking lot while we stopped at the gas station.  Luckily no one was hurt. I did put a rather larger hole in our front bumper, and we ended up replacing the bumper. I still don't know why the gas station has boulders in their parking lot. I don't think that I am the first person to hit a boulder in their parking lot ( I am going to keep telling myself that!)
You loved visiting Wheeler and meeting more family and friends!! Everyone loved you!!

Thomas and Great Grandpa Hyland.
Great Grandpa Hyland loves to hold you!

Meredith and me

Aunt Kenzie and Thomas

Jaxon and Thomas

Papa and Thomas

Brandon meeting Maddox for the first time! She is so stinkin cute!!

Best friends with their babies!
Maddox is pulling my hair in this photo, and Meredith told me to take one for the team!

Toto and Maddox

Aunt Meredith and Thomas

Great Grandpa Hyland and Thomas

Pops and Thomas

Paula Britt and Thomas. She said many, many prayers for you!

Daddy, Paula, and Thomas

Daddy, Paula, Thomas, and me

Pops and Thomas

Papa, Pops, and Thomas

GiGi and Thomas

Four generations!

Cousin Renee and Thomas

Thanks Momo for my yummy cake!

Uncle Dave and Thomas

Taylor giving Thomas kisses! She is so stinkin cute!

Taylor and me

She loved holding Thomas. She had an ouchie under her eye. She was bit at day care. 

Meeting Great Grandma Rosalee

Daddy, Great Grandma Rosalee, and Thomas

Lee Ann and Thomas. Lee Ann said many, many prayers for you!

Mommy, Pops, and Thomas

Keep the faith,