Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thomas' Birth/Adoption Story!

Brandon and I decided this summer to start the adoption process after struggling with infertility for about 3 1/2 years.  We have completed several different fertility treatments that resulted in negative results or miscarriages.  I finally feel comfortable enough with my self to write about our infertility struggles on my blog.  We completed our home study for our adoption journey at the first of October 2010. We both thought that we would have to wait a year or two before we were chosen by a birth mother.  We continued to pray that God would find a way to bring us our child.

Thomas was born on February 23, 2011.

February 24, 2011-Thursday
Our case worker from our adoption agency called us February 24, 2011 (Thursday) at 3:50 pm.  I missed her call and she left a message.  She said that the agency had a drop-in birth mom situation. His birth mom had Thomas on February 23, 2011, and she was looking for parents to raise Thomas.  The case worker asked if we wanted our information presented to her.  I called her back and said "Of course we would want the birth mom to look at our information!"  We tried to stay calm Thursday afternoon and evening.  This was very difficult for me but Brandon did an amazing job of staying calm, which helped me. We had been in a similar situation in December so we were very excited that we were about to meet/have our son but we also knew that we had to protect our hearts. We called our family and friends Thursday evening and night and asked them to pray for the birth mom, Thomas, and us.  I also received an African fertility goddess in the mail and a pair of socks to wear during our next fertility treatment on this day from a friend.  Another friend placed a piece of wheat stalk from Lebanon in my mailbox on this day also.  (The African fertility goddess, socks, and wheat stalk will be talked about more on another post.)

February 25, 2011-Friday
I did not sleep very well throughout the night because I was so excited!!!  Brandon and I went to work Friday morning.  I did not stay very long.  I started having a hard time breathing, trouble standing up and walking, and became nauseated. Then I became sick so I decided that I needed to go home.  I continued to be sick the rest of the day. When Brandon got home from work, he decided to take me Care Now since I had an upset stomach.  We also knew that sometime during the day the birth mom was looking at our information and she would soon be making a decision about Thomas' parents. While at care now, I found out that I did have a fever.  The doctor was about to give me an iv when my phone rang!  Brandon had to answer it. It was a different case worker from our agency, and she told Brandon that the birth mom chose us!!!!! We couldn't believe it!!! It's very difficult to find the words to describe how we felt after receiving the phone call! Our hearts were filled with joy! I immediately told the doctor and nurse that I felt better and was ready to go home!  They told us that they were so happy for us even though they didn't even know us! The doctor told me that I had to go home and go to bed and that Brandon could go shopping!  We headed home but I still got sick a few times on the way home but I think it was because I was soooooo excited! We made it home. Brandon helped me to bed, and then he headed to Target.  He bought a car seat/stroller travel system, pack-n-play, diapers, clothes, wet wipes, Dreft, and blankets.  He told me that he received all sorts of strange looks from people when they saw what all he had in his shopping cart!! Brandon came home, installed the car seat, and put together the pack-and-play.

Brandon putting together the pack-n-play!
February 26, 2011-Saturday
Gotcha Day!
We headed to the hospital early Saturday morning.  We met the case worker in the main lobby at the hospital and then headed up the nursery to meet Thomas!!! We will never forget the first time we laid on eyes on Thomas!  Our hearts were forever changed! The nurses told us how they all loved on him the past few days and one student nurse held him all night long!  We stayed at the hospital for about 2 hours and then headed home!  I still can't believe we went to the hospital Saturday morning with an empty car seat, met our son, and then left the hospital two hours later to bring our son home!!!! What an amazing day God had planned for us!! We are very blessed!!!

Waiting the hospital lobby!

Family of Two!

Suddenly a Family of Three!

We love Thomas so much! He is the light of our lives! We are thankful for every day God gives us to be his parents!!!

Keep the Faith,


  1. I'm crying reading this even though I have know the story already! I remember being the caseworker and seeing the happiness, fear, love - every vulnerable emotion possible - expressed in that short window of time. This is such a happy beginning for your family of three!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, Lauren, I just found this post int he archives and I am crying! What a beautiful story of how God brought Thomas to you both! I loved reading this.