Saturday, April 30, 2011

Best Buddies Hanging out in their Boppies

 Thomas had his first play date with Wyatt!

 Thomas had his first play date with Wyatt in April. Thomas and Wyatt are only one day apart! I will never forget following all the updates about Taylor (Wyatt's momma) when she went into labor on facebook. I still can't believe that when I called to check on her on Friday evening on February 25th, I also told her that Brandon and I were meeting & bringing home our baby boy the next day (February 26th)!

Thomas and I stayed with Dustin, Taylor, and their boys for one night while Brandon was out of town. I also took Max and Molly with me.  I made it to Taylor's home without getting lost. I was so proud of myself! Taylor and I felt very overwhelmed with our two baby boys that were around 5 weeks old and four dogs but we had tons of fun! All four of the dogs were able to get along with each other. Max was a little crazy (somethings never change). He ran around all over her house! While I was unloading the car, Max ran out the front door and down the street for about 300 yards!  I didn't know if he would ever stop running.  I finally caught him, walked back to Taylor's house, and put him in time out!! 

Taylor and I took our babies to Joe T Garcias for lunch and went shopping that afternoon. On our way home, we stopped by J Rae's bakery for some cupcakes, and they were delicious!!!!  (I am craving their cupcakes right now as I am typing this post). 

Hanging out at Joe T Garcias!
This was a first for Thomas and I!
Shopping at Lonestar Baby!
They let us borrow a double stroller while we were shopping because Taylor and I both
forgot our strollers!

We spent the evening hanging out with Dustin, Taylor, and their boys, and Dustin cooked a great dinner. Then Taylor and I enjoyed our cupcakes for dessert!

Thomas and I (Max & Molly too) had so much fun spending time with Taylor, Dustin, and their boys!

Keep the Faith,

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