Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pics from our Weekend (Jan 28th-29th)

We spent  a lot of time playing with our little cutie!

Thomas did his baby exercises! More pics of this will be posted soon!

We practiced walking. 

Brandon unpacked several boxes that were in our garage, and now he is able to park in the garage!!!
He is super excited because he won't freeze in the mornings now!

We also finished Thomas' nursery! I will post pics soon. 

Keep the faith,

Monday, January 30, 2012

Pictures from our week (Jan 23rd-27th)

Thomas and I visited Brandon at his office. 

Future Salesman!

I went to my first MOPS meeting in Kansas this week, and Thomas played in the nursery during the meeting. After the meeting, I asked the lady in the nursery how Thomas did. She said that he was great but he really liked sitting on the other babies. She said that he wasn't being mean to the other babies but he just wanted to sit on them. I told her that we wrestle (Thomas sits on us while we wrestle!) every evening at home.

We read books! Thomas loves his animal book right now. It was my book when I was little. 

And we spent time sitting on books!

He pushed his boppy pillow next to the gate one evening and climbed on top of it
to reach the top of the gate!

Brandon was on the other side of the wall playing peek-a-boo with Thomas. 

Thomas is running away from Brandon while playing peek-a-boo!

Thomas ate 2 grilled cheese sandwiches (minus the crust) for dinner one evening this week! He was a hungry little boy! I am so glad that I found something that he will eat! He is a very picky eater right now. 

Keep the faith,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pics from our Weekend (Jan 21st-22nd)

I know the first few pictures are blurry but I still like them!

"I wonder if mom will let me climb the stairs?"

"I REALLY want to climb the stairs!"

"Maybe if I smile really big, mom will let me climb the stairs!"

"I'm going for it!"

"I am climbing!"

"I'm almost to the top!"

Brandon threw Thomas up in the air so he could do a flip! T tried to stick the landing!
Just kidding!

T kept trying to lay beside Molly but she kept moving as soon as T was next to her. 

We found a bakery that we love, and we also found a restaurant that has great Mexican food!

Yummy cheese ball!
We invited Brandon's boss and her husband over for dinner Saturday evening. 
This is one of the things that Brandon made!

T had some wild hair after his nap!

Keep the faith,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I received a coupon to attend a free gymboree class so Thomas and I went last Friday. We attended a class with 10-16 month old babies. Thomas was one of the youngest babies there, and the majority of the babies were walking. Thomas wanted to walk during the class like the other babies but he just crawled around like this:

Brandon and I call him Spidey when he crawls like this. He crawled this way the majority of the weekend. 

Saturday evening he started walking from one toy to another toy or from the couch to a toy!
Thomas has been walking back-n-forth between Brandon and me for the past few weeks but this was the first time he started walking on his own to get to a toy!

I love watching Thomas learn how to walk!

Keep the faith,