Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pics from our Weekend (Jan 21st-22nd)

I know the first few pictures are blurry but I still like them!

"I wonder if mom will let me climb the stairs?"

"I REALLY want to climb the stairs!"

"Maybe if I smile really big, mom will let me climb the stairs!"

"I'm going for it!"

"I am climbing!"

"I'm almost to the top!"

Brandon threw Thomas up in the air so he could do a flip! T tried to stick the landing!
Just kidding!

T kept trying to lay beside Molly but she kept moving as soon as T was next to her. 

We found a bakery that we love, and we also found a restaurant that has great Mexican food!

Yummy cheese ball!
We invited Brandon's boss and her husband over for dinner Saturday evening. 
This is one of the things that Brandon made!

T had some wild hair after his nap!

Keep the faith,

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