Monday, January 9, 2012

Looking Back at 2011!

2011 was an AMAZING year for our family! 

I don't remember much about what happened in January 2011. 

We received the most AMAZING phone call that anyone could receive, and we were told that we were getting our SON!!! We became parents over night! Our son, Thomas, was born on February 23rd, and we met him, held him, and brought him home on February 26th!

First photo of us holding our son, Thomas!

Brandon was given a promotion at work and became a Director of Sales. Way to go, Brandon! However, he had to start traveling during the week to Mississippi, Louisiana, or Tennessee.

We received lots of snow in February, and missed several days of school!

Brandon had the flu the first week in March, so Thomas and I stayed with our friends, Michael and Olivia. 
We had a great time at Olivia and Michael's house but we sure did miss Brandon!

I celebrated my birthday, and it was the best birthday ever. I celebrated with my 2 boys!

Thomas celebrated his first Easter!

We took Thomas to Wheeler for the first time!
Sitting on my parents' front porch!

I returned to work four days a week, Brandon traveled four days a week, and Thomas went to daycare.
We made this schedule work, and we survived! 

I celebrated my first Mother's Day!

Our wonderful friends in Wheeler gave Thomas an amazing baby shower!

My colleagues gave Thomas an amazing baby shower!

I forgot to put my battery in my camera the day of my shower at my school. Oops!
Here is a picture of all of Thomas' gifts from the shower.

We celebrated Thomas' first Memorial Day weekend with my mom and the Weatherlys!

 Brandon and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary!


The school year ended, and we SURVIVED!

Brandon celebrated his birthday!

Thomas, Molly, and  I went on our first road trip to Oklahoma!

Brandon celebrated his 1st Father's Day!

Thomas' Adoption hearing was held, and his adoption was finalized!

Our house was officially placed on the market!


Thomas celebrated his first 4th of July in Wheeler!

We moved to Brandon, Mississippi!

Brandon's mom, Dixie, stayed with us for a few days to help us unpack!

Brandon and I went to Bermuda-our first time to leave Thomas :(

We had a great time!

And Thomas had a great time with Momo!


We worked on Thomas' nursery, and put together his baby bed.

Thomas LOVES his baby bed!

We unpacked, unpacked, and unpacked!

Thomas turned 6 months old!


Thomas went on his first plane ride, and he was fabulous the entire time!
On the airplane!

At the airport!

Thomas and I spent time in Oklahoma, Wheeler, and Amarillo!


Thomas celebrated his first Halloween, and was dressed as a little Chick (what else would he be!)

My parents stayed with us for a few days!
My mom was taking the picture.

My parents, Thomas, and I visited the Battle of Vicksburg museum.

The weather was beautiful in Mississippi so we spent a lot of time at the park!

We found out that we we needed to move to Kansas City, Kansas for Brandon's job as soon as possible!


We visited Kansas City for a weekend to look for a place to live!

We celebrated Thomas' first Thanksgiving with the Chick, Weaver, and McMeans families!

Family photo at Thanksgiving

Thomas checked cows with Pops for the first time!

Gigi gave Thomas his first haircut!


OSU had a great football season!

Go Pokes!

We moved to Kansas City!

My mom stayed with us for a few days to help us unpack!

Thomas celebrated his FIRST Christmas in Wheeler and Amarillo with our families!

2011 was an amazing year filled with joy and a dream come true! We can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for our family!

Keep the faith,


  1. What a beautiful year that brought you your sweet baby, Lauren!

  2. Love this post! It certainly was a special year!