Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Easter weekend Part 3

Since we were in Wheeler, Pops had to take Thomas for a tractor ride!!!

Love these pics of T running toward the Pops and the tractor.

Just a few more instagram photos from our Easter weekend!

We were able to see my grandparents in Guthrie on our way back to Kansas. My grandma played "This Little Light of Mine" on her new piano  for Thomas! So sweet!

Keep the faith,

Monday, April 29, 2013

Easter weekend Part 2

Trail of Easter eggs to Thomas' Easter basket!

Easter basket

Checking out his Easter basket from Aunt Leslie

He loved his Buzz and Woody sippy cups. I made the mistake of only taking his Woody sippy cup to church, and he wanted both of his sippy cups, Woody and Buzz. He kept saying, "Where Buzz go?"

Happy Easter from Thomas, Lighting, and Mater!

He had more fun finding pine cones than Easter eggs!

My parents' neighbors (they still feel like my neighbors too) have a beautiful backyard. They recently put together a swing set for their granddaughter, and they told my mom that Thomas is welcome to play in their backyard any time! I asked Thomas to stand by his Gigi and Momo for a picture...

He ran away but Honey (the neighbors' dog) posed for a picture with Gigi and Momo!

We had an amazing Easter weekend with our family and friends!

Keep the faith,

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easter weekend Part 1

We spent Easter weekend in Texas!!! We were able spend several days celebrating with our family and friends! First, we had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday at my parents' house. Several of my close friends and their kiddos and family were able to come over for the egg hunt. We decided that we are going to get together every Easter for an egg hunt!

Thomas packed Louie and was ready to go to TEXAS!

Our cute kidos

"You hear that bird?" pose

Best buddies

"You hear that bird?" pose again!

Thomas with the neighborhood cat, Bob.

We had to eat at Maxey's at least once while we were in Wheeler. 
Maddox kept petting Thomas' head, and saying, "him soft" over and over.

Love these boys!

Fun with Toto/Coco.

Keep the faith,