Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Busy Days in March Part Two

We dipped cotton balls in a mixture of flour and water and baked them in the oven. 
However, Thomas had more fun painting with the flour and water mixture than dipping the cotton balls. 

He eventually wanted to add some cars and his plastic Mickey Mouse and friends toys to the pan to play in the "paint".

Then he said that they needed to "take a bath."

The next day, he used his tools to crack open the cotton balls. 

Our sensory tub was filled with DIY rainbow pasta this month. 
I would ask Thomas to find a specific color. We practiced sorting the pasta by color. 
We laced the pasta tubes on pipe cleaners.

We used glue to make letters out of the pasta. 

I made Thomas a name puzzle. 

Toddler Time at the library

I love the following website:
It has great educational worksheets for FREE. 

Thomas cooked dinner one night.

"Momma, I got an egg!"

Thomas watched his very first episode of "Thomas the Train".

"Hey, it's me, Thomas!"

Keep the faith,

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  1. Oh wow, I haven't heard of the cotton ball thing - it looks cool!