Wednesday, June 13, 2012

60th Wedding Anniversary & Family time

Our weekend part 2

We celebrated my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary this weekend. We spent the weekend at my aunt and uncle's house in Edmond. 

Reagan and Thomas

Big RT with Little RT
My cousin Tyler (Robert Tyler) with Thomas (Richard Thomas)

My grandparents, my mom, and my aunts

Kensley and T

My grandparents with their grandkids (except my sister)
We missed you, Leslie:(

My grandparents and their great-grandkids

Kensley asked her mom if Gigi and Papa were going to kiss. 

Thomas kept hugging all of his cousins. 

He wanted to sit in Taylor's lap. 


Me, Thomas, and my dad

My mom having a MoMo moment!
I'm so glad that my mom was also in Oklahoma this weekend. She helped me a lot with Thomas. He doesn't sleep well when we travel (he loves sleeping in his crib in his room!), and I greatly appreciated all of her help!

Snack time! They loved eating a snack called Pirate Booty.
I hadn't heard of it until this weekend.  

All the little cousins playing cards. 
They already love playing cards, just like every one else in our family. 

The little girls wanted to watch a movie, and T sat on them!

T did not sleep at all on the way back to Kansas. He watched Sesame Street and ate snacks almost the entire way home. 

We had a great family weekend!!!

Keep the faith,