Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Perfect summer evenings

We spent the majority of our evenings this summer playing in our backyard with Thomas' little swimming pool and the water hose!

One of my favorites!

Making waterfalls

Skipping all over the yard

Making big splashes

Wish this picture was in focus but still one of my
favorites from summer 2013!

Keep the faith,

Driving my truck

Keep the faith,

Instagram pics from August

Spent many evenings playing in the

So handsome

T said, "his cows had boo-boos &
needed bandaids!"

My favorite smile
Fun times with friends
Another "bobbit" did not survive nap time

Sponge bombs were a blast!


T loved this large pad of paper! He wanted me to draw train tracks
tracks and race tracks. 

Evenings playing with bubbes


Finally loves the sprinkler


Walks in the wagon and eating popsicles


Playing at the splash park with Wyatt

They had fun chasing squirrels!

First time to watch Peter Pan! As soon as he saw Peter Pan fly, he
started jumping on the bed saying, "I can't fly!" over and over!

1st day of college football

So excited for college football!

Keep the faith,