Sunday, July 29, 2012

Evenings in July

We have been spending our evenings playing in the yard or swimming at our neighborhood pool!

First time to try pudding!

Keep the faith,

Dinner at Japanese Steakhouse and Day at Legends Outlet Mall

We recently ate dinner at a Japanese steakhouse, and Thomas loved watching the chef cook our food!
He also LOVED my fried rice. He kept grabbing it by the handful off my plate!

We also spent some time at the Legends Outlet Mall, and we ate at the T-Rex restaurant with some friends. 

Thomas loved this dinosaur!

We found Thomas some cute clothes for this fall and winter!
I found a pair of jeans from Banana Republic for $17!

Keep the faith,

Fourth of July

We stayed in Kansas this year for the 4th. Brandon and I missed all of our family and friends in the Texas panhandle and all of the 4th of July events in our hometown. Hopefully, next summer we will be able to go home for the 4th!
Our neighborhood had a Patriotic Parade for the children so Thomas and I participated in the parade. After the parade, all the children were given ice cream in our neighborhood park! 
Later that day, we went swimming. Thomas fell asleep before he could watch any fireworks. 


Keep the faith,

16 months!

Thomas, you turned 16 months on June 23rd!

You have mastered climbing our kitchen chairs, and you are extremely
proud of yourself when you climb up onto the kitchen chairs! 

Some new words that you say: whoa, Molly, blanket, snack, hot, outside, sock, bite, home, 
elmo, ipad, up, water, Momo, Gigi, Papa, Pops.
You have started making more animal noises (ex: cow, duck,
goat, horse, cat). 

Here are some things that your daddy and I want to remember:
-the way you lay your head on your shoulders and say "ahh"
-you call your sippy cup your bottle
-how similar "bottle", "bye-bye", and "blanket" sound when you 
say them, but your momma can understand you

-you LOVE graham crackers!!! (You eat several graham crackers every day!)
-how you sleep in your crib

-how you tap your foot and nod your head when you hear music
-how you bend over and grab your belly when you laugh

-how much you love ELMO & the theme song to Elmo's World on Sesame Street
-how much you love a specific episode of Sesame Street-Who has the best pet?
(Your the best pet, the best pet yet...)

We love you so much, baby boy!

Keep the faith,

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gigi stayed with us, Part 2

Here are a few more pictures from Gigi's visit!

We went to the dinosaur exhibit at Crown Center in Kansas City. 

Gigi and Thomas

Thomas loved climbing on all of the dinosaurs. 

Thomas also loved climbing in the bog.

Dinosaur eggs

A little kid had just stepped on Thomas' fingers:(

Our little scientist! 

This statue is made out of legos. 

We were so thankful that Gigi was able to stay with us for a few days. We love it when grandparents are able to visit!!!

Keep the faith,