Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Deanna Rose Farm with the Weatherlys!

We visited the Deanna Rose Farm twice while the Weatherlys stayed with us!

More cowbell!

We fed the baby goats.

Wyatt LOVED the goats!

Thomas LOVED playing in the water puddle!

He eventually sat in the puddle!

Our two little cuties!

We dressed Wyatt and Thomas alike the second time we visited the farm!
Taylor and I were also dressed alike but we didn't plan to do that. 
Taylor got a pic of us dressed alike on her camera.  I realized we were both dressed in red t-shirts with black and white athletic shorts while we were at the farm!

Instagram pics:

After we left the farm, we ate lunch at DQ!!!

Wyatt and Thomas loved eating blizzards! Funny story that I want to remember: Dustin shared his lemonade with Wyatt and Thomas. I told him thanks for sharing his lemonade with Thomas. Then he said, "Your welcome but don't ask me to share my blizzard!"

We had so much spending the weekend with our friends! Now it is our turn to visit them in Fort Worth! We are planning on visiting them this fall!!! So excited!!!

Keep the faith,

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