Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lenexa BBQ & Weekend with the Weatherly's Part 1

Our friends, the  Weatherlys, recently stayed with us for a few days. Brandon competed in the Lenexa BBQ competition the same weekend.

Wyatt and Thomas staying cool by the fan. 

Having fun at the park during the BBQ. 

Every time Taylor stopped pushing Wyatt in the stroller, he would immediately kick off his shoes!

We were able to keep our babies entertained with containers of rice and uncooked pasta and bubbles Saturday morning during the BBQ. 

Mr. BBQ!
Brandon stayed up all night cooking Friday, and then he got heat exhaustion on Saturday. He had to leave before it was time to turn in all of his different entries of BBQ:(

Stay tuned for tons of pics of Wyatt and Thomas!

Keep the faith,

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