Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thomas' 2nd Birthday Part Four!

We played in the snow!

He had the best time filling his cup up with snow over and over again.

He also enjoyed digging for dinosaurs in the snow. 

Keep the faith,

Thomas' 2nd Birthday Part Three!

Here are a few pictures of Thomas that portray his personality!

"Why would I want to open my presents when I can climb on them and then fall down!"

Keep the faith,

Thomas' 2nd Birthday!!! Part Two

Birthday breakfast

He was able to blow out the candles!

Opening presents

Playing with new toys

1st baseball lesson from dada

This is how Thomas likes to hold a baseball bat.

Keep the faith,

Thomas' 2nd Birthday Part One!!!

"Guess what?"

"It's my 2nd BIRTHDAY!!!"

"I'm so EXCITED!!!"

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thomas' Birthday Week!

We are going to have a birthday party for Thomas when we go home to visit our families for Easter.
Brandon and I wanted to do a little something special each day during Thomas' birthday week!

Sunday-We took Thomas to Zonkers, and we gave him a bowl of ice cream after dinner (he didn't like the ice cream!)

Monday-Breakfast and play time at Chick-fil-a

Tuesday- fun with vinegar and baking soda and time with the iPad.

 Wednesday- Lunch at Fritz's

Thursday- arts-and-crafts day

Friday- baked chocolate chip cookies for Thomas' birthday

Saturday- fun snow day (Thomas' 2nd Birthday!!!)

Keep the faith,

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Busy Days in February Part 2

February sensory bin

Playing with shaving cream-Thomas did not like this activity. After he touched the shaving cream, he said, "all done!"

We were able to spend some time at the park before it snowed. 

Thomas and his Mr. Potato Heads

More sorting

Giving his dinosaurs a bath

I left the living room to throw something away, and this is how I found him!

Loves his trains

Our Little Cutie

Touchdown!-Super Bowl Sunday

Watching the Super Bowl with dada

Yummy cookies for Super Bowl Sunday!

Keep the faith,