Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Busy Days in February Part 1

February was filled with spending time at different libraries for toddler time, little tots open gym, snow days, and tons of play time!

Toddler time at the library

Little Tots Open Gym

He climbed the ladder all by himself. He did not want any help from me. Once he climbed to the top, he was smiling from ear to ear and was saying, "I did it" over and over!

Thomas loves going to the library and the gym but I think he LOVES the stamp he receives when we leave these places even more! When I tell when we are going to the library or the gym, he will say "stamp" over and over!

Snow days!
He wanted me to pull him all the way to the park on the sled. He kept pointing towards the park and saying, "that way, that way."

Painting the snow. He will not wear gloves while playing outside in the snow. 

"Where TaTa go?"
Love his little feet sticking out!

"There he is!"

Silly boy!
He would smash his face against the window and yell, "HEY!"

Fun with DIY puffy paint.
He tried to spell his name. He kept saying, "T-A-T-O" "TaTa!"
I have it on a video. 

Keep the faith,

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