Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Instagram Pics from September

more letter hunts

repairing his train tracks

sidewalk chalk paint

feeding the ducks

wearing dada's boots

Even though he has train tracks and a race track, he loves it when I draw train tracks and 

He can reach the pedals on his tractor. 

taking Woody and Buzz for a wagon ride

soccer practice

"Meet the Teacher" day

fun at NRH2O

Story time with Thomas, Gordon, Henry, and James

Brandon and Thomas caught a lizard!
Thomas asked if he could put it in "momma and dada's bed". I said no! Then he asked "take upstairs?"
I said no again!

nap mat for school

First day of school

We found a horse in a trailer and trains on the way to Wheeler. 

Helping Pops

Thomas said his cows were eating spaghetti. 

Learning to play Candy Crush

Thomas said, "Gordon, James, and Henry were checking cows like Pops!"


big boy swing

Hi Brucey!

Splish Splash Thomas

Thomas' new pet fish, Brucey

Watching 3D movie at Costco

So sweet

Keep the faith,