Monday, November 11, 2013

2 1/2

Thomas turned 2 1/2 in August!

Here are some stories about Thomas that I have written down and want to remember:

Thomas loves to play with his trains! If he is not playing with his trains, then he is playing with
his cars, trucks, tractor, and airplanes! He loves singing the theme song to Thomas the Train show and repeating phrases from the show while he is playing with his trains. One night while we were rocking before bedtime, he told me that I busted buffers like Toby! I took it as a compliment!

Before nap time and bedtime, Thomas loves for us to tell him stories.  He will ask us to tell him
a 'happy story', a story with a 'big o'monster', or 'big o'dragon'. After we tell stories, Thomas tells us a story, we say our prayers, sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Bye Bye Baby Button. Then we have quiet time and just rock for a while! 

Thomas refers to himself in 3rd person the majority of the time.
"Thomas do it", "Thomas wants two milks (always asks for 2 sippy cups of milk)", 
and "Momma, Thomas not poop" (he will say this right after he goes to the bathroom!).

He likes to go on pretend bear hunts and loves Winnie the Pooh and his friends and talking about honey pots!

Here are some things Thomas has said that I have written down"
"nice and clean bobbits" (aka blankets): He loves a nice and clean blanket straight out of the dryer!
When we play hide and go seek, he tells us "You count the minutes"!
"Let's wrestle"
"Thomas do it"- Mr. Independent
"Dada do it"- He thinks dada is the only one who can fix his toys!
"It's bery dark."
"Let Thomas watch bideos!"; He likes to watch videos of himself on our iphones or iPad.
"Give me a kiss"
"You so cute"
"Let me think"
"Dada/momma, love you so much!"
"Love you the most!" 
"Dada be home soon in 3 hours." (He always says 3 hours.)

He loves the character, Pete, from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
So when he sings the show's theme song, he adds Pete's name when he sings the song and he thinks it is hilarious!

Thomas is still a very picky eater but he loves apples and peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grapes, pirates booty, graham crackers, nutragrain bars, carrots, almonds, chocolate donuts, and fruit snacks!
When he eats dessert (Thomas calls it a yummy treat), he always offers Brandon or me a bite! 

We love you so much, Thomas! We are so thankful to be your parents!

Keep the faith,

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