Monday, October 13, 2014


We went to the Fort Worth rodeo and stock show.

We played at the park as much as possible. 

We tried to enjoy the snow. 

Celebrated Valentine's Day

Last day to have his crib.

His reaction when he saw his big boy bed.  He was not happy about it at first. 

He eventually warmed up to his bed!

Practicing holding up three fingers!

My baby turned THREE!!!

Keep the faith,

Monday, August 11, 2014


We spent a weekend in OK with our family

Gigi spent a few days with us! Thomas asked Gigi if he could read her book and wear her glasses. Then he said, "Where are the pictures?" while he was reading her book. 

Several days of wild and crazy hair!

There was no way to tame it on this day!

We had to take down the Christmas decorations;(
Thomas had a blast playing in all the ribbon!

Caught him playing Candy Crush

We spent as much time outside as possible!

Trips to the zoo with Wyatt

We spent days at home building train tracks!

"When I bigger, I play with those kids."

Story time with dada

Homemade cookies;)

Keep the faith,

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Year's Day

We spent the day with our friends, the Weatherlys. It was a beautiful day in the middle of winter, and we were able to enjoy the day outside!

Sweet hugs...

Followed by wrestling!

Silly faces

Lawn mower rides

More silly faces

Cruising around

Keep the faith,

Christmas Part 3

Christmas in Amarillo

We ate at one of our favorite places in Amarillo. 

All of the traveling during the holidays can be exhausting but worth it to spend time with our families!

Jaxon playing his viola for Thomas.

Thomas' new wheels

Sweet baby Lilly

Sweet baby Cameron

Keep the faith,