Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brandon's birthday weekend (June 1st-3rd)

Brandon's birthday was June 3rd, and we celebrated his birthday all weekend!

On Friday evening, we met several of Brandon's friends from work for happy hour and appetizers in the 
plaza area of Kansas City.

On Saturday, Brandon's boss and her husband invited us over to their house for a cookout to celebrate Brandon's birthday. 

I made no bake cookies to bring to the cookout, and Thomas helped me clean the spoons. 

Brandon wanted a waffle maker for his birthday!

Brandon didn't want a birthday cake. He just wanted to have homemade waffles!

Thomas and I also gave Brandon new flip flops and a shirt for his birthday!

The birthday boy!

Thomas loves eating breakfast with his daddy on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
Brandon has been making healthy shakes for breakfast with his new blender, and Thomas loves them too! He usually ends up with some on his face too!

Brandon made T some homemade oven-baked chicken nuggets this weekend, and T LOVED them with some ketchup!

Keep the faith,

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  1. I love seeing updates of your weekends!!! You are a great Mommy, Lauren!!! Can't wait to see ya'll in a few weeks :)