Monday, May 2, 2011

Back to Work

I recently went back to work at the beginning of April but thankfully I only work 4 days a week.  I am counting down the days until summer vacation! My mom kept Thomas the first week I went back to work, and she was extremely helpful!  She washed bottles, helped feed Thomas early in the mornings, and packed my lunch for me.  

Thanks mom for all your help!!! I truly appreciate it!!! I hope we didn't make you work to hard. 

When I returned to work, my students asked me tons of questions about Thomas.  Here are some of the cute questions that I want to remember:

"Did some other lady really have your baby?"

"Did your baby have another family, and now he lives with your family? At first that made me kind of sad but now I am happy for Thomas."

"Can I come over to your house and play with Thomas?"

"Did your water 'breaked'? Your water has to break before you have a baby?"

Keep the faith,

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  1. That says so much about how comfortable your students feel with you to ask those questions. What a great opportunity to teach them about adoption and how it plays such an important role in building families! Love it!!