Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thomas' First Trip to Wheeler!

Thomas loved his first road trip to Wheeler!
We took Thomas to Wheeler for a weekend in April (April 1st-4th). You slept the almost the entire way there and the way back home.  We just had to stop once on the way there and on the way back to feed you and change your diaper.  Mommy had a few mommy brain moments. I spilt a bottle of formula all over daddy's shorts and driver's seat while I was making your bottle using one arm. I will not do that again in the car. We were able to clean up the mess once we got to Wheeler. Then on the way back, Mommy hit a large rock or small boulder in a parking lot while we stopped at the gas station.  Luckily no one was hurt. I did put a rather larger hole in our front bumper, and we ended up replacing the bumper. I still don't know why the gas station has boulders in their parking lot. I don't think that I am the first person to hit a boulder in their parking lot ( I am going to keep telling myself that!)
You loved visiting Wheeler and meeting more family and friends!! Everyone loved you!!

Thomas and Great Grandpa Hyland.
Great Grandpa Hyland loves to hold you!

Meredith and me

Aunt Kenzie and Thomas

Jaxon and Thomas

Papa and Thomas

Brandon meeting Maddox for the first time! She is so stinkin cute!!

Best friends with their babies!
Maddox is pulling my hair in this photo, and Meredith told me to take one for the team!

Toto and Maddox

Aunt Meredith and Thomas

Great Grandpa Hyland and Thomas

Pops and Thomas

Paula Britt and Thomas. She said many, many prayers for you!

Daddy, Paula, and Thomas

Daddy, Paula, Thomas, and me

Pops and Thomas

Papa, Pops, and Thomas

GiGi and Thomas

Four generations!

Cousin Renee and Thomas

Thanks Momo for my yummy cake!

Uncle Dave and Thomas

Taylor giving Thomas kisses! She is so stinkin cute!

Taylor and me

She loved holding Thomas. She had an ouchie under her eye. She was bit at day care. 

Meeting Great Grandma Rosalee

Daddy, Great Grandma Rosalee, and Thomas

Lee Ann and Thomas. Lee Ann said many, many prayers for you!

Mommy, Pops, and Thomas

Keep the faith,

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