Saturday, March 17, 2012

Date Night

A few weekends ago Brandon and I had the opportunity to attend the K101 NFL Awards in Kansas City. 
Brandon had to rent a tuxedo, and I needed to wear a nice dress and high heels! Brandon hasn't rented a tux since he went to prom, and I haven't worn high heels in over a year. 
We had a great time and were surrounded by great company. 

Brandon and me

Me and Kim

Roger Staubach receiving his award.

Brandon and Christian Okoye (He used to play for the Chiefs.)

Brandon and Jim Harbaugh (He was the NFC Coach of the year for the 49ers).

Roger The Dodger, Kim, and Brent

Jared Allen and Brandon
Jared was the NFC Defensive Player of the year. He plays for the Vikings. 
Brandon talked to him about hunting instead of football after the awards!

The KC Chiefs' Coach and Brandon

Brandon definitely had a GREAT time!
I had a great time even though I didn't even of the football players or coaches except for Roger Staubach (and he is retired)! 
I told Brandon that if there is ever an award show for people that have been on the Bachelor in Kansas City, then he would have to take me! Hahaha!

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