Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Adoption hearing!

Thomas' adoption hearing was held on June 10th!

It was one of the most exciting days!  I can not find the words to describe the emotions we felt this day! I was not able to sleep the night before because I was super excited! 

Here are several pictures we took at the courthouse!

This was the name of our judge.

Our family of three before the hearing! 

Thomas slept all morning before the hearing. He woke up right as the judge was calling our name. He needed a diaper change, and we changed his outfit!

Throughout the hearing, Thomas would look up at Brandon and smile every time Brandon would speak. 

It is official! Thomas is our son, and we are his parents! We are so thankful that God chose Thomas to be our son and chose us to be his parents!
We took a picture with the judge after the hearing, and she gave Thomas a little stuffed animal.

 We took several more pictures after hearing while we were waiting on some of our paperwork!

It was a very exciting and emotional day that we will never forget! Brandon and I have 3 very important dates that we will always need to celebrate with Thomas: Thomas' birthday (February 23rd), Gotcha Day (February 26th), and Adoption Hearing Day (June 10th)!
It is amazing to us that it hasn't even been a year since we completed our home study, and we have the most amazing baby boy that is all ours! 
We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating with family and friends!

Funny story that I want to remember about my mom:
My parents stayed in a hotel Thursday night in Dallas close to the courthouse.  They stopped by our home first and spent some time with us before they headed to their hotel. My mom typed the address of their hotel in her GPS on her phone before they left our house.  They were on their way to the hotel in Dallas when the phone said you have arrived to your destination but my dad did not see the hotel anywhere. They were actually at the courthouse! My mom had typed the address of the courthouse in her phone instead of the hotel's address. They eventually made it to their hotel. They didn't have to worry about finding their way to the courthouse the next morning!

Keep the faith,

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