Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pics from our weekend (Feb 18th-19th)

We took Thomas to IHOP for the first time on Saturday morning!

He really didn't care for the pancakes but he loved little bites of sausage and bacon. 

He fell asleep on the way home. So sweet!

I'm so glad that these two are able to spend so much time together during the weekends!

Thomas loves to sit on our shelves!

He loves to walk around and clap his hands!

We got Thomas some Tiny Toms. He loves wearing them because they are super easy for him to take off his feet!

We played peek-a-boo!

Thomas was able to swing in the backyard Sunday afternoon. 

We spent time cruising with Thomas' new wheels. 

Thomas likes to eat his snacks inside his truck. 

We read books! This is one of our favorite routines!

Brandon practiced his BBQ recipe for chicken. He is going to participate in his first BBQ competition in two weeks. 

Keep the faith,

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