Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our trip to Texas

Thomas and I recently spent a week in Texas with our family while Brandon was in Pennsylvania. 

I didn't take many pictures while we were gone. Thomas didn't sleep much while we were in Texas so I was exhausted during the day!

Enjoying some mac-n-cheese at Gigi's house

Thomas' 1st lollipop! 

Thomas loved playing with this toy! It was one of my toys when I was little. 
My grandpa found it at his house, and he brought it over to my mom's house for Thomas. 

Thomas found a box of kleenex!

Dance time with Momo

Look at that drool!


Thomas and his Great-grandap

Checking cows with Pops!
Thomas loved watching the baby calves.

Thomas and Maddox

On our way home! 
The Amarillo airport did not have any milk:(
Once the airplane took off, Thomas started crying and did not stop until we landed in Dallas.
I bought some juice and water but he would not drink it. 
Thankfully, there were only 17 of us on the airplane so Thomas and I stayed at the back of the airplane by ourselves. Also, it was a very short flight.

Poor baby was exhausted after crying during our first flight.
I found milk at the DFW airport so he was extremely happy during our second flight!

We had a great time in Texas! Thomas loved spending time with his grandparents, aunts, soon-to-be Uncle Keaton, his cousin Jaxon, and friends!

Keep the faith,

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