Sunday, September 23, 2012

18 months

Thomas, you turned 18 months old on August 23rd!
We spent your 18 month birthday at the Deanna Rose Farm. 

Words that you are saying:
dada, momma, Molly, Sam, home, yogurt, open, love you, elmo, big bird, hot dog, boom, all clean, whoa
down, treat, slide, no no, mow, park, mail, hot, up, eye, soap, water, snack, iPad, iTouch
shoe, sock, cookie, sucker, applesauce, bo-bo, boo-boo, 
bean, swing, ball, dog, outside, ice cream, button, blanket, 
hi, bye bye, Jaxon, Momo, Pops, Papa, Gigi, color, peek-a-boo,
hello, Gerdie (the neighbor's dog), I shoo-shoo (whenever you have a dirty diaper)

Signs: more, please, eat, milk, you made up your own signs for highchair and music

Animal noises: lion, dog, cat, cow, duck, chicken, goat, bird

Favorite songs: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Sitting in My Highchair, Hot Dog on Mickey Mouse, Elmo's World

Favorite Books: Dog book, Ocean Creatures Pop-Up book, God Knows All About Me, Baby Animals,
Hugs and Kisses

Favorite toys: your big truck, mower, brown bear, Mr. Potato Head, Elmo

Favorite activities: reading books, playing with a tub of beans, window markers, playing outside or at a park,
pretending to mow, playing fetch with your dogs, wrestling, pillow fights with your stuffed animals, listening to the Toddler Station on Pandora

Things  your dada and I want to remember: You pat your head when you want to play with your Mr. Potato Head. 
You love playing peek-a-boo with Molly and one of your blankets.

Your favorite food is yogurt!!!
After you ring our door bell, you always say "hello hello". You call Mickey Mouse "Hot Dog"!

You think my freckles are boo-boos. 
The way you eat your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches-You take the sandwich apart, lick the peanut butter and jelly, and then eat each piece of bread.  

The way you just run up to us and give us a huge hug!!! 

We love you so much baby boy, and we are so thankful to be your parents!!!

Keep the faith,

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