Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Iphone pics from our trip to Wheeler

In October, we spent some time in Wheeler with our families. Our short trip turned into a trip that lasted  over a week because I ended up with appendicitis and had my appendix removed.

Cleaning his truck

Thomas was grumpy one day while we were in Wheeler. We had to take Molly to the see Lee Ann, the vet in Wheeler. (She is also known as Aunt Lee Ann to Thomas!) After visiting Lee Ann, the vet clinic, and receiving a ring pop from Aunt Lee Ann, Thomas was in the best mood!

This is the morning after my surgery! We were finally reunited!

Thomas wanted to have 'boo-boos' on his stomach just like his momma!

T loves reading the phone book!

Momo's little helper

Love him and his beautiful smile

Thomas and his great-grandpa both playing with iPhones!

Playing with one of Aunt Leslie's old toys

"Mom, I'm to busy to smile for the camera!"

Keep the faith,

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