Wednesday, February 27, 2013

23 months!

You turned 23 months old on January 23rd!

Here is a list of some of the things I have written down about you this month. 

Funny things you are saying:

"Where did TaTa go?"

"Did you see that?"

"Did you hear that?"


"help me"- You say this anytime you want to help us.

"momma truck"

"Lorax, where are you?"

"Molly, where are you?"

"You hear me."


You have pretend conversations on your toy cell phones.

You will fall off your horse and say, "oh no, hurt, drill." When you get hurt, you will use your drill to make your boo-boos feel better.

You will count to 8.

You will say a few letters when we sing the ABC song together.

You love to sleep with your giraffe, Woody, Buzz, your seahorse, and blanket every night.

Every night your daddy will ask you what song you want to sing, and you say, "row row boat" and then you will say, "light of mine."

You are beginning to say little prayers at night. Right now you will jabber while you pray and then yell, "Amen!"

You love to play hide-and-seek. You will stay extremely still and quiet while you are hiding.  It is amazing how quiet and still you become when we play this game!

You love to help us cook. You especially love helping us crack eggs. You will yell, "broken egg" over and over after we crack eggs. 

We love you so much!

Keep the faith,

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