Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aunt Toto & Uncle Keaton's Wedding!!!

We recently traveled to Texas for Corby (Toto) and Keaton's wedding!

Thomas started running a fever on our way to Texas:(

This is the cutest book about dogs ever!!!
Taylor this is just for you-"All dogs poop, all dogs pee!"

Thank you Aunt Kenzie for this awesome toy that it great to use in the car!!!

The sickness starts:(
Thomas wanted to hold a blanket in each hand. 
We spent one night in Oklahoma City because Brandon needed to work in OKC and to break up the trip for Thomas. Luckily, the hotel we stayed at was very understanding. The hotel let Thomas and I have an extended check out until 3:30 without charging us. We did have plans to meet my aunt and cousin for lunch while Brandon worked but I didn't want to leave the hotel room since Thomas was sick. 

He finally got some sleep on our way to Texas. 

I didn't take any pictures during the rehearsal dinner. Thomas and I had to leave early to go to an after hours urgent care facility. The doctor told us that Thomas had a virus, and he gave us a prescription for some medicine to help Thomas with his stomach cramps. 

The beautiful Mother of the Bride and Beautiful Bridesmaids!

T and Baby Bob

T kissing Baby Bob!

T and Maddox!

T walked down the aisle with his lollipop!
The lollipop made him very happy!!! 
Once the lollipop was gone, he started crying!

It is hard to tell but Maddox and Thomas were both screaming in this pic! I can't wait to see Corby's pictures from the professional photographer!


Keep the faith,

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