Monday, August 20, 2012

Lions, Bears, and Chiefs Oh My!!!

We took Thomas to the zoo for the first time in August!!!
We went to the zoo in Kansas City. Brandon and I had no idea we would have to walk so much. 
We saw the otters and the polar bear's habitat first but no polar bear. Then we took off walking and walking. We walked for at least 15 minutes without seeing any other animals. We finally walked past an employee at the zoo, and Brandon asked her, "Are there any animals in this zoo?" She told us to keep walking, and we would eventually see the animals!!!

Thomas loved the giraffes!!!

He also loved the lions. The male lion stood up right in front of Thomas and yawned. Thomas' eyes were huge!!!

He also loved the carousel! 

We were able to see the polar bear before we left. 

Love his sweet smile!!!

We were recently went to a Kansas City Chiefs football game. 
We were able to watch the game from the Ricoh suite!!!

This was a first for Thomas and me!!!

Go Chiefs!!!

Keep the faith,

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