Thursday, December 13, 2012

20 months!

On October 23rd, you turned 20 months old!

Here are a few things that I have written down about you that I want to remember:

You have started playing hide-and-seek. At first, you would hide your sippy cups under the couch cushions. Now you like to hide under the couch cushions (usually your little legs and feet stick out from under the couch cushions!) We play hide-and-seek almost every evening!

We have started playing a game while we are running errands. I started saying "Where is our car?", and we would both look for it in the parking lot. Then we would say, "There it is!" as soon as we would find it in the parking lot. Now you will ask, "Where is our car?" and say "There it is!" all by yourself!

You started to sing parts of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." You will sing the "up above the world" part. You will also sing "merrily merrily" in a high-pictched voice when we sing Row Row Row Your Boat.

You love to watch videos of yourself on my iphone.

If we ask you to tell us a story, you will start jabbering and then all of sudden start laughing.

Your teachers at Kid's Day Out always tell me how you are happy and very content while you are at school and that you will jabber all day long to them.

I will carry you while I walk through the parking lot to your school. Once we get inside, I will put you down so you can walk. You have always wanted to hold my hand while we walk to your classroom. But recently you have started pushing my hand away and you will run to your classroom!

You love wrestling with your dada every evening. You also throw the football every evening, and you have learned how to tackle him!

Firsts: We went on our first family vacation to Destin, Florida and had a BLAST!

We love you so much baby boy!

Keep the faith,

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