Monday, December 17, 2012

Our November

We enjoyed the beautiful fall weather in Kansas.

He wanted to zip his vest all by himself!

We spent Monday mornings at the library for story time.

Enjoyed watching the leaves change color

I was a bridesmaid at my cousin's wedding!


Playing with silly shoes



Story time

He climbs on everything!

Our first family movie night! We watched Toy Story for about 15 minutes!

Made homemade waffles

Thomas tried Oreos for the first time!

How do you brush your toddler's teeth?

Played with marshmallows!

Thomas got a hair cut, and the lady cut off all of his curls:(
Brandon said his curls would grow back by next Christmas.

Working at dada's office!

My little helper

Visited the free zoo at Petco

Worked on sorting colors

This is how I found Thomas after one of his naps. His diaper and pants were on the floor covered in pee.

Lunch dates at Chick-fil-a

T loves watching videos of himself on my iphone!

Keep the faith,

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