Wednesday, January 16, 2013

22 months

Thomas, you turned 22 months on December 23rd!!!

We continue to play hide-and-seek every evening. Now you will lay under your large stuffed brown bear and yell "HELP" when you want us to find you!!!

You love listening to country music on dada's ipad and you can find the app for tune-in radio on his iPad. You can unlock our iPad and find your apps. You have been able to do this for a while but I don't think I have mentioned it before. You love playing with the iPad but we save it for when we are eating at restaurants or traveling.

You are showing some interests in using the potty. Before you take a bath, you will say tee-tee and pretend to potty, tear off the smallest piece of toilet paper, wipe your hinny, and flush the toilet.

You are an EXTREMELY picky eater!!! You love to eat raisin bran (Pop's favorite cereal) when we are staying at their house in Wheeler or when Pops and Momo stay at our house! But that is the only time you will eat it! If you could, you would just eat graham crackers, veggie chips, and popsicles for every meal!

You had a language explosion over Thanksgiving while we were in Texas! You try to say every phrase or short sentence that we say!

You love to sing "Row Row Row Your Boat".  Sometimes when I sing songs to you, you will say "no no sing!" I think you have realized that I do not have the best singing voice! I remember when we first started attending Rhyme Time at the library that the librarian mentioned that we should sing songs to our toddlers several times throughout the day and that children can't tell if you are a good or bad singer until age 3!  When dada sings to you, you don't tell him "no no sing!"

You love helping us in the kitchen (opening the microwave to make popcorn, opening the fridge to find your sippy, helping us (mainly dada) cook.

We have been working on identifying and labeling shapes. You are beginning to identify circles!

You love to wrestle with your dada and play catch in the evenings once he comes home!

If you get hurt while playing, you will find your drill, touch the drill to your boo-boo, and say "all better!"

We love you so much baby boy! We are very thankful that you are ours!!!

Keep the faith,

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