Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Christmas

We had our little family Christmas before we left to go to Texas.

Thomas was a little confused when he first saw his new toys under the tree!

Santa came to our house!


We also gave him some play food. The first thing he tried to do with the play food was try to crack the egg. He became very frustrated when it would not break!

He loves combing his horsey's hair and feeding him his carrot. 

We enjoyed spending the day together celebrating Christmas at our home. Thomas stayed in his Christmas pjs all day! He would open one present and then say "open please" and play with his toy for a long period of time before he would open another present. So he opened a few in the morning, and then opened a few more after his nap in the evening! He took his time while unwrapping his presents. He would rip off little pieces of wrapping paper and then say "trash. Next, he would go throw away the  little piece of wrapping paper before turning off another piece. I think he had more fun just ripping off little pieces of paper, running to the trash can, and throwing them away!

Keep the faith,

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