Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Deanna Rose Farm

Where did April go?

Deanna Rose Farm is my favorite place in the KC area, and I think it is Thomas' favorite place too!!!

It opened April 1st, and we have been visiting the farm every chance we can. The weather has been crazy this past month in KC, and there is a chance we could get 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow night. Snow in May? Crazy!

Here are pictures from our visits to Deanna Rose! Warning-this post has tons of pictures!

Thomas likes to follow the same path when we visit the farm. We see the chickens, walk to the white barn to visit the cows, calves, and baby goats. Then he has to look for some geese, and then we see more baby goats in the petting area. Next, we walk to the big playground area (I think this area is his favorite. He always finds it on the map by the entrance.) There are more animals and play areas past this large playground. However once Thomas sees this play area, he does not want to leave! 

Another visit to the farm with daddy!

Pointing to the large playground.

"Shhh... cow is sleeping"

"Cow is awake!"

And he is off and running!

Feeding the big goats. 

Keep the faith,

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