Thursday, May 9, 2013

Little Moments about Thomas

My little boy has become Mr. Independent! He is constantly saying, "Thomas do it" or "do it all by self" throughout the day. He loves to open and close any door, push the buttons on the dishwasher or microwave, wash his hands, brush his teeth, throw away trash, take off his diaper, open the peanut butter and jelly, feed the dogs, and climb on any playground equipment all by himself! 

He loves to tease us, especially Momo and me! He can say several family members names. I asked him who all we will see when we move to Texas. He said, "Papa and the Pops." I asked him who else would we see thinking we would say Gigi and Momo. He said, "Bob the Cat" (that is my parents neighborhood cat). I laughed so now he thinks it is funny to always say "Bob the Cat" or "Dallas" (my parents' dog) when I ask him who we will see when we move to Texas. 
When I talk to my mom on the phone, I will put her on speaker phone. I will ask Thomas to talk to her, and he will say "no" turn his head away and smile. Then after I hang up the phone, he will ask "Where Momo go?"
In the evenings after his bath and we read books, we will cuddle on the couch and watch part of a movie or an episode of Thomas the Train. He will say, "lay on couch on momma." I will sit on the couch. Then he will crawl in my lap, give me a hug,  move to the other end of the couch, and  say, "lay here" with a big smile on his face. He will do this over and over!

During your bedtime routine, we sing "Row Row Row Your Boat", "This Little Light of Mine", "Twinkle Twinkle Light Star", and "Jesus Loves Me." You will sing along with us now. You have the sweetest little voice. Next we all take turns saying our prayers. You say the sweetest little prayers. You will usually say "Thank you so much for Papa, Dada, (another family member-varies between Toto, Gigi, Momo, or Momma), and Thomas. Amen" Sometimes you will say your bobbit or the iPad. 
Then we have family hugs, and you LOVE family hugs. You will ask for them over and over!

The other day when we were visiting the Deanna Rose farm, you saw a group of kids walking in the parking lot to their school bus. You said, "I go with them" over and over. When you realized we were walking to our car and not the school bus, you started screaming and crying! I have a feeling when you start kindergarten, you will not be scared and you will want to walk to your classroom all by yourself!

The other night we had a busy evening, and I gave you your bath past your bedtime. You said, "I play" while I was getting you dressed in your pjs. I said "No, we will read books, rock, and go to bed." You had the biggest pout on your face I had ever seen, and you started crying. You kept saying, "I play", and I said, "no." Then you held up two fingers and said, "Set timer for 2 minutes I play." How could I say no to that. So we set the timer for a few minutes and played with your trains before we started our bedtime routine. 

You are a little parrot and repeat EVERYTHING we say!
You even will repeat the librarian while he reads books out loud during story time. The librarian will read a sentence, and you will turn around and repeat the sentence to me. Your teacher told me that you will do this at school too. 

You LOVE your trains!
You will pretend they have conversations with each other!
You will repeat phrases from Thomas the train episodes while you play with them. 
Some of my favorites are: Good morning everybody! It's Sodor Day. Cinders and ashes. Shunting trucks and hauling freight. Thomas and James are racing. 

I love to hear you sing your ABCs, other songs,
and repeat nursery rhymes!
I love to hear you tell the story of the little turtle that we learned at the library. 

Brandon parked our boat in front of our house before he hauled it to Dallas a few weeks ago.
As soon as you saw it, you said, "go fishing!" I don't know how you knew to say "go fishing" because you haven't ever been fishing!
You kept calling the boat, "Thomas' boat". 

I recently had a dental appointment, and I took you with me to the appointment. You were very well-behaved. The dentist and his assistant both said that you had great manners and were very well behaved!

Love you so much baby boy!!!
So thankful to be your momma!!!

Keep the faith,

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  1. That is so sweet that he says his prayers! He is such a cutie!