Sunday, March 9, 2014

Disneyland Day 3

We spent our last day at Disneyland riding our favorite rides again, Winnie the Pooh and the Peter Pan rides. Thomas, my dad, and I rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (Thomas loved it!).  We also rode the Haunted House (it was the Nightmare Before Halloween). My parents also rode Splash Mountain, Tower of Terror, and Radiator Springs racers (this was their favorite ride!). Thomas and I also spent some more time with Mater, Lightning, Minnie, and Pluto before we left. Pluto even played a game of hide and go seek with Thomas, and I have it on video! I think this was Thomas' favorite part of the entire trip. He will still talk about playing hide and go seek with Pluto! I didn't carry around my big camera on the last day, only my cell phone.

Winnie the Pooh ride

California Adventure Land 

Showing Pluto that there is a picture of Pluto on his shirt

"Mama, take my picture with Pooh and Tigger."

Bye Bye Disneyland! We can't wait to go back!

Afte we left Disneyland, we visited the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach. My great-grandpa came home from World War II on this ship. I wish I would have taken pictures while we were there but my mom did. However, the pictures are still on her camera. 

Keep the faith,

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