Monday, September 26, 2011

1st Airplane Ride!

Thomas recently rode on his first airplane from Jackson to Memphis and then Memphis to Oklahoma City! He was WONDERFUL at the airport and on the airplane!  One man that was on the same route as us going home told me that Thomas was the happiest, most calm and content baby he had ever seen on an airplane and at the airport before!
He slept on the first airplane ride from Jackson to Memphis. But then he was ready to play from Memphis to Oklahoma City. Luckily, I had an empty seat next to me on that airplane so Thomas had more room to play. My mom met us at the airport, and we visited family in OK and TX!
Everyone was EXTREMELY helpful while we were at the airport! One lady helped me board the plane and then she walked with me and carried my bag to my terminal in Memphis. The co-pilot also helped me with my bags while I walked off the airplane! Three different ladies at the airport asked me if Thomas was a girl (he was dressed in a yellow and blue outfit). This has never happened before! 
Of course, I needed to change his diaper two different times in the bathroom on the airplane! I think that should be a skill that you could list on your resume! If any parents are going to fly with their babies anytime soon, they definitely need to take disposable changing pads, travel size clorox wipes, and use a backpack instead of a diaper bag!

Thomas is waiting on me to organize our luggage so I could carry it all & push him in the airport parking lot!

We made it through security!

Thomas playing on the airplane. He looked like a "big boy" sitting in his own seat!

Thomas fell asleep as soon as we landed in OKC!

Thomas and his Momo at the airport in OKC!

Thomas and me at the airport in OKC!

Thomas and I had a great experience flying! I am not as nervous now when I think about flying home for the holidays, and I know Brandon will be with us then! I have already started praying that the weather in the Texas panhandle is not crazy during Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Keep the faith,

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