Friday, September 30, 2011


Thomas and I recently spent some time in Amarillo to visit family and friends!

We were able to watch Jaxon's first flag football game! He did an AWESOME job!
Whenever he heard us cheering for him, he would look over at us and smile! Every time he saw me taking pictures during his game, he would look at me and smile! I was so happy that I was able to watch his very first flag football game! 

Thomas played on a blanket during Jaxon's football game and discovered the grass!

Look at the big smile on Jaxon's face! Love him!

More big smiles!

I love these boys!

Thomas and his Gigi
Thomas loved playing with Jaxon's teddy bear!
And he loved receiving lots of hugs & kisses from his family!

Thomas with his Aunt Toto, cousin Jaxon, and his Gigi

We were able to spend time with this cutie and her mom, dad, and gammy on Saturday!
I also love this cutie pie!

I know these pictures are blurry but I love them!
1. Meredith holding Maddox and Thomas
2. I decided to jump in the picture with them and hold Maddox (Maddox did not like this idea!).
3. Two screaming babies and their mommas.
4. I gave Maddox back to her momma!

We loved spending time in Amarillo with our family and friends!

Keep the faith,

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  1. ah, these moments are so special. i love how proud toto & jax both look with thomas. :) puts a smile in my heart.