Monday, September 26, 2011


Thomas and I were able to spend some time with our family in Oklahoma!

(Warning: Long post with lots of pictures!)

Kensley and Thomas


Thomas received tons of kisses from Momo!

Reagan enjoyed playing with her brownie! She would smash little pieces of her brownie on her feet!

Thomas had his first bath in the kitchen sink!

Aunt Beth had some cool toys at her house!

My mom, my grandpa (my mom's dad), and Thomas

My grandma told me that this high chair is almost 100 years old!

"Mmmm sweet potatoes"

Thomas and his Gigi

We tied him in the highchair using a towel! Thomas didn't seem to mind as long as he was able to eat his food!

Thomas and his Aunt Nancy!

Relaxing with Great Papa

Thomas with his Great Papa and Gigi

Thomas had so much fun playing with his cousins! It was a little crazy at times at my aunt and uncle's house with four kids four years old and younger but it was so much FUN!

Thomas and Reagan in the middle of a conversation!

 Thomas is saying, "I have more to tell you, Reagan!"
A great pic of Renee and Taylor!

Thomas also took a bath in the big bathtub without his baby tub at my aunt and uncle's house one night!

We had so much FUN with our family in Oklahoma, and we wish we could see everyone more often!

Next: Pictures from Amarillo & Wheeler!

Keep the faith,

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