Saturday, October 1, 2011


Thomas and I were able to stay in Wheeler for a few days at the end of September!

My mom recently bought this book for Thomas and he loves it!

Thomas and his Pops!

Leslie cut my hair! I love my hair cut and it was free!
I don't have on any make up! Scary!

Thomas and Momo having a serious conversation!

Play time with Holt!

Look at how tired Thomas looks in the picture! Thomas did not sleep well the first few nights we were away from home!

Thomas and his great grandma Rosalee

I can not believe how big Thomas looks next to Allie!
Look, I have similar picture of Maddox and Thomas from the 4th of July!

Thomas enjoyed visiting with Jay, Karen, Lindsey, and Allie!

Thomas loved talking to himself in the mirror at my parents' house. 

We were so happy we were able to spend some time with Whitney and Kyleigh! I also met Kristen at Maxey's for dinner one evening!

On the road again!

We had a great time on trip! We enjoyed spending time with our family and friends but Thomas was ready to see his daddy (and I was too!)

Keep the faith,

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