Sunday, April 1, 2012

13 Months!

Thomas, you are 13 months old!!!

You weigh around 20 pounds. I have no idea how tall you are. 

You eat 3 meals a day and 2-3 snacks of table food a day. You drink cow's milk now. Bye bye formula! 
You FINALLY love your sippy cups! You drink a bottle before your nap and before bedtime. 
You love to eat Puffs, Ritz crackers (you always need to have one in each hand), yogurt (you only like to eat Gogurt; you don't like to eat regular yogurt out of the containers with a spoon!), Mac-n-cheese & peas, Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, little turkey sandwiches on Hawaiian King rolls, waffles, french toast sticks, and cheerios. 

Favorite toys: You love your slide, balls, your stuffed brown bear, books, and 
musical cards (Your daddy gave me one for Valentine's Day and my birthday, and you LOVE them. Momo has sent you a few in the mail too!). You love the app "Talking Tom" on our iPad. 
Favorite books: Brown Bear Brown Bear, Hugs and Kisses, Where is Baby's Belly Button, and SuperHero Me. 

Favorite games and songs: Peek-a-boo, wrestling, 
Head, Shoulder, Needs, and Toes, This Little Piggy, 
If you are happy and you know it, 
Clap Your Hands ( Mother Goose Song on Youtube). 

Communication: You can say MAMA (I'm so excited! It is the best sound in the world!).
You also say dada, bye bye, hi, diaper (pronounced dye-dye), Thomas (pronounced TaTa).
You are beginning to sign 'more please'. You will also sign 'eat' and 'brush teeth'. 
You understand the word 'no'. Whenever we tell you no, you will shake your head 'no'. 
You are beginning to understand and follow simple one step directions (ex: get your blanket, lay on your boppy, get in your chair). You are starting to make animal noises (you can roar like a lion and hiss like a snake!)

You can touch your head and your toes when asked. 
You understand the use of the following objects: comb, toothbrush, cell phone, 
socks, and shoes.  

You LOVE being outside exploring in the yard! You love playing in our neighborhood park. You have started crying when it is time to leave the park. 

You love playing with Molly! 

You have 2 chores that you do everyday:
 You throw away your diaper before you take a bath, and 
you put your dirty clothes in the hamper.
(Thanks for the ideas, Meredith!)

Your daddy taught you to stick your tongue out and taught you to kick a ball this month.
Dislikes: Getting dressed, having your diaper changed, leaving the park. 

 You had your second haircut this month (it was your first haircut at a salon, and you did great)!
We love you so much baby boy! You fill our hearts with so much joy!!!

Keep the faith,

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  1. I haven't been by your blog in a while! Hope everything's going well! He's growing up soo quickly!