Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thomas' 1st Birthday Party-Part Two

Brandon and I wanted to have Thomas' birthday party in Wheeler so he would be surrounded by his family and friends. 

Thomas had a play date with Wyatt before his party, and he was not
ready to have his picture taken!

"It's my party, and I will cry if I want to."

Jaxon is teaching Wyatt and Thomas how to work the monkey-in-the-box. 

My boys and me!

Aunt ToTo & T

Aunt Leslie & T

Gigi and T

Our family

Momo and T

Thomas is waiting for his friends to arrive!

Taylor and Wyatt

Our babies are already texting each other!

Great friends and our babies!

2 Grandpas and 1 Great-Grandpa!

Keep the faith,

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  1. Everything looked so great Lauren! I love the theme too, and all the party details. Good job!