Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We are...

moving to Kansas City in December!

Brandon and I are super excited about moving. We will be closer to our family and friends in Oklahoma and Texas! We can't wait to move to Kansas City! 

We were in KC this past weekend looking for a house to rent, and we found one we LOVE!


We will live down the road from one of my college roommates! She has a little 5 month baby boy so Thomas already has a buddy in KC. We met her, her husband, and baby for lunch over the weekend while we in KC. 

We didn't take many pictures over the weekend but here are a few pics.

Go Pokes! Thomas and I had to wear our orange on Saturday! Brandon wished he had some orange to wear after we beat his Red Raiders!

My boys!

Thomas loves to give himself kisses when he sees his reflection in the mirror!

On our way to the airport!
You can see Thomas has TWO bottom teeth now in this pic!

Keep the faith,

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