Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve Day

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Wheeler with my family. 

We spent Christmas Eve Day playing with our friends, Taylor and Wyatt, and our baby boys had so much fun playing together. 

Our baby boys chased each other!

They wrestled!

Thomas did not want to take a nap during Christmas Eve day. He played all day but he would lay down on the floor for a few seconds several times throughout the day. 

Our cute baby boys!

I love these babies! They are only 1 day apart. I wish we could have more play dates with Taylor and Wyatt!

Here are our baby boys in April. 

Here are our baby boys Memorial Day weekend!

Me, Thomas, Taylor, and Wyatt

Later that day, Taylor and I were able to go eat lunch together with another friend at Maxey's!

Thomas found the only ornament on Momo's Christmas tree that had wheels!

T loved playing with Momo's snowman and Santa Claus!

Our happy little baby boy!

Laying down for a few seconds again!

Back up & ready to play!

Cleaning Momo's table

T tried Momo's pumpkin scones, and loved it! He became upset when they were all gone.

Keep the faith,

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